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Welcome to Pulsar, Inc.

Until fairly recently, it was the best of times in telecommunications, with no apparent end in sight. Features and functionalities faced off in recurring battles to create… then solve... previously unknown technology "problems".

Times truly are different today. Telecommunications users are demanding best prices and distinctive value for their expenditures. Simultaneously, carriers and other specialty service providers are seeking the flexibility needed to respond to changing user demands, while earning solid financial returns on capital investments and operating expenditures.

Enter Pulsar. We create new revenues and margins using exclusive Pulsar technology. Clients harness our unique knowledge, experience and flexibility to provide high value, differentiated services to telecommunications users.

Knowledge. Experience. Flexibility. Three key hallmarks of exclusive Pulsar technology available to client companies, regardless of business model or strategy.

Are you a carrier? Pulsar's PNX platform provides innovative capabilities with 'five-nines' reliability and quality, using industry standard hardware and software components carefully integrated into today's hybrid circuit switched-packet environment. Our carrier solutions are designed to be installed at the core or near-core stage of the network.

Are you marketing specialized calling services to consumers? We can help you provide a wide range of pre- and post-paid services to consumers, with an equally broad variety of delivery models - from an entry-level service bureau approach to full switch-platform ownership.

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